Monday, May 04, 2009

Mind That Bird

I'm takin rappers to a new plateau, through rap slow
My rhymin is a vitamin, held without a capsule...

The Commish was in attendance yesterday as the Nuggets used a 2nd Half flourish to gain a 1-0 series lead on the Mavericks:

-There was a Nene sighting, and it was quite a look. The Nugs' center wore out his Dallas counterpart Eric Dampier, beating him down the court, showing an array of nifty jukes and spins down low, and using a power game in dunking and muscling for boards. Nene is still a type of player who's confidence grows as the game goes on and he hits shots, and yesterday was a prime example.
-Dirk Nowitzki will get his every game, 25 plus points. However, he must have pictures of every ref in bed with a German hooker, as he gets away with more than anyone not named Tim Duncan. Yes, the fouls were tilted in the favor of the Nugs (perhaps something to do with a jump shooting team versus the Denver slashers?) but Dirk would get away with pushes and especially extra steps.
-John Elway was there doing the intro of Chauncey Billups. The rest of the country must think there is a cloned army of John Elways because everytime something major happens in CO, there is old Johnny.
-With Chauncey having a quiet game and Melo not getting on track until the fourth quarter, the reserves again had a chance to shine. Anthony Carter put in a A+ blue collar effort, playing great defense and getting in deep in the paint to get some rebounds and score. His jump shot was falling as the Mavs left him open by 2-3 feet each possession. It was Birdman who was again the heart of the team, immediately tilting the entire defensive outlook of the game and shifting the Mavs thinking. Switching him and K-Mart (who we knew would get rough with him, and he damn near knocked him into the first row), and even Melo, on guarding Dirk made sure the Mavs didn't know what was coming. Bird more than held his own on the Mavs' star, and his 6 blocks were key in ingniting breaks and the crowd.
-Mike Tirico was calling the game on ABC and I still have no love for that dude. 2005 CU v Nebraska game when the entire CU student was ejected, ABC sent their sideline reporter to the section and Tirico emplored her on the air to "get out of there" like it was war torn Kosovo. He ignored me when I reminded him of it.
-It is cliche to say a crowd was electric, but the crowd was shockingly electric. The Melo's Yellows section in the nose bleeds were like a soccer fan club, standing the whole time. Tons of current Nugs' gear, and an inpressive number of Nuggets' throwbacks. Tons of booing of the refs and Mark Cuban. When AC hit JR Smith who went behind the back to Melo for a dunk with 6 minutes left I think beer squirted out my nose.

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