Monday, September 29, 2008

Chief Rocka

Lyrically, I'm worshipped, don't front the word sick
You cursed it, but rehearsed it
I drop unexpectedly like bird shit...

PROPS and DROPS from the wasted opportunities by the Buffs' versus Florida State and the Broncos against KC, both losses:

DROPS: By now we all know that the Donk defense is - ahem - below average, but yesterday it sunk to a new level. The basic tenets of defense took an off day. How many weak arm tackles did Larry Johnson break through? Linebackers constantly out of position to allow some guy named Tony Gonzalez to roam free. No pressure on everyday Joe QB Damon Huard to only miss on seven passes.

DROPS: The obvious is that Buff QB Cody Hawkins overthrew two wide open receivers that would've lead to TDs. But the immediate ramifications of the missed throws is not as damaging as perhaps the key that they prevented: momentum. Make the two throws and the team, the fans, the coaches are fired up. Florida State is forced to play from behind with their suspect QB with a half numb crowd (nice attendance by the way) and a fired up Buffs' team.

DROPS: The CU wide receiver corps have seem to regressed each week since the opener. Or perhaps the talent level of the teams they faced has amped up? Either way, receivers that were getting space (read: Scotty McKnight) aren't anywhere to be seen. Pedestrian is the word, and the Buffs' wideouts are in the crosswalk. Josh Smith, as flashy and dangerous as he can be, is become a liability on special teams. His bungling, bobbling, and juggling cost the Buffs five points at the end of the second half.

DROPS: It was back to 2007 again as the Bronco offense turned the Red Zone into the Dead Zone, coming away with Matt Prater FGs instead of a quick six. 2nd and 3 at the 3 and the Broncos can only muster two Jay Cutler incompletions. A quick pitch out to any of the RBS might of sufficed at that point. Another trip stalls at the 15, and yet another with the horrific Prater 28 yard FG miss. The creativity that Shanny has exhibited suddenly froze up inside the 20 at Arrowhead.

DROPS: Champ Bailey stated rather emphatically post-game that the teams' preparation for the visit to the 0-3 Chiefs "sucked". If so, that's on Shanny and his staff as well as the team vets. This is the NFL, week in and week out facing talented players. The KC visit should be an easy 'W' before the two home games versus the Florida teams and the Donks looked like it was Fort Scott Community College out there. If players were goofing off and taking it lightly, their asses should've been red from a healthy dose of discipline and derision.

DROPS: The play calling wasn't something to send to Pop Warner. Yes, you have to pass when you are down by 18, but the running game was getting some good chunks in the first half. With the suspect wide receivers, the offensive coaches need to get creative on the ground. How about Rodney Stewart and Darrell Scott in the same backfield? More direct snaps to the RB? The option maybe? As beat up as the O-Line is, its strength still might be run blocking for our two stud frosh RBs.

PROPS: The current Slushy Gutter holder, Commish CH, managed to fall off a bench while watching the CU game. His quick, cat-like, Coors Light refelxes allowed him to narrowly avoid falling onto a Rock Em Sock Em robot and having a peculiar ER visit. You can't make this shit up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Run run run the ball for CU. Cody is too limited. Need to get back to the Chris Brown days

2:02 PM  
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