Monday, September 15, 2008

Brass Balls

Kicking flavor, with my life saver techniques
Guaranteed to move feets and I go on for weeks…

PROPS and DROPS from yesterday's insane Broncos' win over the Chargers:

PROPS: Casting second guessing aside, Shanny went against all conventional NFL wisdom and got the win on the 2 point conversion to Eddie Royal. However, was it a gutsy balls…brass balls… call, or a referendum that your defense wouldn’t stop anyone in a potential OT? Probably a bit more of the latter as the D hadn’t stopped the Bolts in the 2nd Half. Couple that with the NFL’s antiquated coin flip OT rule and it made Shanny’s bold move an easier decision to make.

DROPS: Darren Sproles was a video game all day on the Invesco turf. We’re talking Bo Jackson on Tecmo Bowl here, as he looked a step faster than the other 21 guys out there. The Donks’ defense was totally out of position on his long TD catch and run (Nate Webster got turned around like a pretzel) and the special teams barely touched him on his TD on a kickoff return.

PROPS: Brandon Marshall abused All Pro corner Antonio Cromartie all day. Not just a couple long catches or say 10 catches, but rather 18 catches. In traffic, down the sidelines, over the middle, the only place Marshall didn’t catch a pass is in line at the Dippin Dots stand.

DROPS: The entire Bronco defense was horrendous in the 2nd Half, allowing the Chargers to have their way up and down the field. The softest part of the underbelly may be the safeties. Marlon McCree, Hamza Abdullah, Calvin Lowry, and Marquand Manuel aren’t going to remind anyone of Dennis Smith. A few times they were completely out of the play by lining up wrong (witness Lowry in a dead sprint in the 3rd quarter trying to catch up to the play before the ball snapped.) They almost gave up the game in the final 24 seconds as the middle was left wide open for Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates.

PROPS: The litmus test that was Matt Prater kicking a long pressure field goal was passed on attempt #1, as he drilled a 52 yarder. It wasn’t the prettiest as it didn’t clear by much more than 2-3 yards, but it still counts. Jason who?

DROPS: Bronco fans rock jersies like no other at the game. Old Elway #7s, new #7s, Atwater, Terrell Davis, Randy Gradishar, all the classics. However some not-so-classic jersies spotted yesterday at the game: Jerry Rice #19- ahh, the classic days of Rice’s three preseason games in orange and blue. Bradlee Van Pelt #11- Seriously, even on the $4.99 rack at TJ Maxx? Buy a pack of socks next time. Rick Ankiel- Football, NFL, Denver. Perfect time to wear a St Louis Cardnials jersey. Rueben Droughns- Must’ve been wash day.



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