Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lamb Blasted

Hate no one but love only a few
Franklin, Grant and yeah mom too
I run buckwild for self or with the crew
But then again, huh I thought you knew...

The state school to the north hasn’t exactly been receiving the best PR lately. First, a kid gets plowed over during their Spring Game, then one basketball player goes Dr. Dre on another by pointing a gun at his head, before firing it into a couch. Neither of the two incidents are a laughing matter, but being the childish humorists we are here at SG, we couldn’t help ourselves:

--Looks like the Rams finally found a good shooter.
--Did you take my university issued Pro Keds you bastard!?
--Let’s play our favorite game, I’ll be Joey Porter, you be the gunman!
--F*ck your couch. No seriously, f*ck your couch!
--Don’t confuse him with Pistol Pete.

--The kid was perfectly safe in the end zone; I mean it’s the CSU offense.
--That kid took that hit a lot better than Marcus Houston.
--The kid is used to it- it’s usually a wayward sheep running into him.
--Damn kid, he lead with his head, should be a 15 yard penalty!
--That kid must’ve been distracted by the tens of fans in the stands.
--Cover three. As in the defense, not the three-year old.
--No Coach Lubick, that wasn’t our starting linebacker.
--C’mon kid, separate the receiver from the ball!
--The kid’s fine, but the receiver really got his bell rung and forgot everything from his “Coloring Inside the Lines” class yesterday.
--When the kid finally came to the first thing he said was, “dammit, Dad, you couldn’t get into CU, could you?”

(thanks to a few of the posters at netbuffs for a few of those.)
(and yes, Lamb fans, I’m aware of the scoreboard. 14-10, thank you. That’s what makes this even sadder, he tackles better than half the CU defense.)
(and finally, the kid is perfectly fine, he's been making the rounds on talk shows, he might even stop by the Crop Report on Local Access!)



Blogger M.Dot. said...

I vote for Slushy Gutter Summer T-Shirts.

Wachu Thaink?

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought a Slushy Gutter T-shirt was one covered in Coors, a 1984 Broncos logo, and maybe some hotsauce?

and I saw that kid and his lame dad on a AM show the other day. 15 minutes.

1:27 PM  
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