Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Saying To Yourself That's a BB Gun

BB guns. They're a funny bunch. It looks like a gun, but it only emits a small blob of metal. They really don't make a whole lot of sense. Unless you are needing one to eradicate squirrels/varmits from your property (like my 90 year old Grandfather, who weilds his BB guns taking down squirrels that even dare to enter his bird feeders like he's Wyatt Earp.) Or maybe you are attempting to take your family on the rides at Wally World and need one to scare the security guard. Or perhaps you just like shooting beer cans in a wayward, off the road location. Other than that BB guns don't have much room in our society.

Guns in cars are another thing in that doesn't make a lot of sense in 2012, just ask one certain Broncos' defensive player. Unless you are a law enforcement officer, best to leave the gun at home and not go mobile with it.

Couple the BB gun with the gun in car and you're asking for trouble. That's why the eight CU players who did both have probably got Jon Embree pulling his hair out, or maybe even pulling Ralphie's hair out.

You see, cops, they're a funny bunch. They really don't like to hear that someone in a car is pointing a gun at someone else. (Remember pull out radios? Then they had their bastard cousin, the removable face plate radio? A friend of mine pointed the container for said face plate at another car in the 90s and half the cops in Arvada were looking for my rig.) Couple that with Boulder cops, who at times aren't the most tolerant bunch (again, I've experienced this, again in the 90s. Spend more than a year in Boulder and it becomes clear that the BPD is not one crew to be fucked with) and you have a situation on your hands. It's not time to pull your best Huey P Newton act with these guys.

Welcome to fall camp fellas, leave your BB guns and mouthy attitude at the gates. Oh, and let's try to win some games too.

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Anonymous NRA said...

it was a airsoft gun, not a BB gun. Well protected in teh Bill Of Rights. You can peel this gun from my cold dead haaaaaands!!!

12:06 PM  
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