Thursday, January 05, 2012

2011 Tell Em: Top CO Sports Moments

1- Tebow mania went into the beginning of meltdown mode when his 20 yard ramble beat the Jets. A national TV audience saw him and the Broncos get back to 500 and had every talking head from Bristol to Denver yapping. As play-by-play man Dave Logan simply asked as he crossed the goal line: “are you kidding me?”

2- The Chicago Bears came to town in mid-December with a stout defense and some hopes of the playoffs. Through three and a half quarters they almost gave the Broncos their first home shutout ever. Cue Tim Tebow and a 59 yard game-tying FG and 51 yard game-winner from Matt Prater and the Broncos stood at 8-5 and the Tebow Meltdown was in full effect

3- A shaky game by the opposing kicker and great defensive play by the Buffs in the first half lead to the end of their four year road streak with a win over Utah. The day-after-Thanksgiving upset prevented the Utes from appearing in the inaugural Pac-12 Championship and gave the Buffs some momentum going into the offseason.

4- After the Donks and their “traditional” offense laid an egg versus the Lions, the coaching staff went retro with Tim Tebow. Out were long passes and complex passes, in were option plays, QB draws, and straight rushes up the gut. A power game resulted in nearly 300 yards on the ground and the beginning of the Bronco win streak.

5- After the February deal of Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks, no one expected the Nuggets to do much of anything. What we saw though was spirited team-oriented basketball lead by the Knicks’ former players in Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, and Danilo Galinarri. Posting on the Western Conference’s best late records, the Nuggets again won 50 games.

6- The Buffs hoops team took a horrendous and suspicious NCAA snub and turned it into a long NIT run. With a veteran 21 win team lead by NBA lottery pick Alec Burks, they avoided a letdown and ran through their bracket as a top seed. The reward was a trip to Hoops Mecca, Madison Square Garden, where they fell in the semifinals in a classic game to Alabama.

7- The Rockies highlighted their stellar April by making quick work of the Cubs and their legions of invading fans with a sunny Colorado Sunday win 9-5. Talk of winning the West wasn’t “if” but “by how many.” Everything was clicking for the Purp; timely hitting, power numbers, steady pitching, and defense.

8-10- In no specific order select the following: the Broncos win versus the Chiefs in KC where they completed two passes; their “shootout” overtime win in Minnesota; or their miracle cover the onside kick win versus the Dolphins.

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Anonymous boulder creek tailgater said...

wow, a down year in sports. If the Broncos wouldn't have won 8, yes 8 games, this list would be a top 3.

Wouldve like to see the Buffs winning a NCAA tourney game on that list. Damn, that still pisses me off.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Looks pretty good so far this year though. The PAC12 looks extremely winnable to me.

If they can get to 3-0 today I'm going to be feeling pretty good about this hoops year.

10:19 AM  
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