Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl Showboating

Super SG Highlights:

--Shannon Sharpe getting into the HOF (that's the Hall Of Fame for those of you are acronym challenged. Or it could be a club owned by David Hasselhoff?) was the undoubted Denver highlight. We all knew he would get in eventually, but no one wanted a lingering years long process. That's four Donks in the last few years into Canton. Up next? Some serious push needs to be given to getting Terrell Davis into a snazzy Century 21/HOF blazer.
--Hey, Mason Crosby, now that you have a Super Bowl ring, how about coming back to Boulder and helping the group of noodle legs currently with the Buffs? And your haircut still looks like a werewolf.
--I really don't get too worked up over the halftime show, and I know that bagging on the Black Eyed Peas is old, but damn I remember when those guys (excluding Sarah from "Kids Inc") were a progressive Hip Hop troop. I'm not sure Will I Am was going for a futuristic Kool Moe Dee look though. (Quick notes: check for BEP in their former incarnation on Eazy E's "Merry Muthafuckin Xmas" and the last time Slash was worked into a rap track was 2 Live Crew's "The Fuck Shop")
--How far are the Donks from this game? The easy answer is miles and miles away. But, as the Packers showed, just getting into the playoffs is the first step. A few key free agent signings (Champ Bailey is a must. Like Charles Woodson, he will be a viable CB well into his mid-30s. Just without the neck tats) and a draft this yeatr with ZERO misses to stock the depth. That's how critical this draft is for the organization, they can't miss on one pick. That leaves the big question with our dude Tim Tebow at QB.
--Monday post-Super Bowl is national Hangover Day, with the coming few days entering us into the vast wasteland of sports hype until March Madness begins. So perhaps every Monday will be Hangover Day to cope with endless hoops, hockey, and dog shows. Slushy Gutter, indeed.
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Anonymous Spotwood said...

We can fill our time with thoughts of picking up a 35 year old 16 million dollar per year second base replacement.

Or maybe the awesome thought of the incomparable Corey Brewer running around Pepsi center clanking bricks.

Yeah, nevermind, slushy gutter indeed.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not sure about the Eminem Lipton Tea commercial. What?

11:42 AM  
Anonymous GayBiz said...

Fergie is a man. And Jaybiz luvs it that way. heeeeyyyyyyyyyy.

8:38 AM  
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