Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Funk: Cell Therapy

-Notice that there are no muppets playing instruments.
-And no one is dressed as a large peacock.
-Gwyneth Paltrow is not in this video.
-When this song was released in 1995, she was in four movies, including “Seven” and an uncredited role in “High Learning”
-Busta Rhymes and Ice Cube were also in that flick. Paltrow considered changing her name to ‘G-Pal’ for the role.
-A lot of the song alludes to a “new world order.” Goodie Mob: Freemasons?
-Who’s that looking in my window? Maybe it is someone admiring your floral drapes.
-If “black helicopters swoop down” over your W-2 or 1099’s, you might want to fire your accountant. Just syain.
-Goodie Mob means “The Good Die Mostly Over Bullshit”
-The group’s first appearances were on Outkast’s classic Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
- Who’s that looking in my window? Maybe it is Chris Broussard, seeing if you have any info on Melo.
-The album Soul Food went gold.
-Cee-Lo’s real name: Thomas DeCarlo Calloway. That was also a name of the “bad guy” in a 1980’s “coming of age” movie.
-He is credited as Thomas Burton throughout the album.
-Maybe the snowboard manufacturer sued him.
-With this album, Goodie Mob went with conspiracy theories, racism, changing neighborhoods, and social issues.
-Fast forward 15 years and Southern Hip Hop is rims, girls, and cars. Progress.
-Cee Lo is wearing a University of Georgia shirt. This video was most likely shot following the 94 football season. The top rusher on that team? Terrell Davis. Slushy Gutter connections, son.
-Who’s that looking in my window? The dude from Coldplay (G-Pal’s husband)
- “My mind won’t allow me to not be curious.” Who hasn’t seen that on a fortune cookie?
-Cee Lo left the group after their third album in 2000.
-Besides Cee-Lo, Goodie Mob consisted of T-Lo, Khujo, and Big Gipp. The group "reunited" at teh 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards.
-Who’s that looking in my window? Jim Henson wanting some freaking royalties.

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