Friday, December 11, 2009

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For all the folks who every year start clamoring how good the CU Hoops team will be and finally be a player in the region, we give you last night's game versus the Goats. The result: a complete thud that will once again quiet the sunshine pumpers. Bz's crew went into Fort Collins with a high flying team that nearly beat Gonzaga and Arizona, is loaded with talent (Cory Higgins and freshman Alec Burks), and had nearly a third of the away gym in Black and Gold. They promptly got outworked, out shot, and completely out coached. Sounds like a certain football team when playing the little brother up north (like the football team, this Hoops team hasn't won a road game in two years.) The SG is sticking to the theory that Coach Bz is still coaching the team like they are a disciplined brainiac Air Force Academy outfit. When in fact, they are an athletic unit with enough basketball IQ to run a decent offense, but not a heavy Xs and Os type. When Bz was out earlier in the year, former Wyoming coach Steve McClain stepped in and the team responded with their best efforts of the year. Dumb it down, Bz.
When Pete Nice rapped in the 1991 3rd Bass classic "Pop Goes the Weasel", "and now your gettin sued, kind of stupid" who knew that it would nearly 20 years later apply to his own life. It seems Pete has hit some rough times in his post-MC gig and ruffled quite a few feathers in the shady baseball memorabilia market. This Sports Illustrated article is quite revealing into Pete's life since 3rd Bass effectively called it quits in 1992. Quite eye opening was that Pete effectively quit the rap game immediately after Dust to Dust hit the shelves. It seems like Pete could've rode it out for a few more years. To me, reading between the lines, it paints Pete as not being fully immersed in the rap game as Serch; that his attention was elsewhere, mainly his real passion: baseball. Yeah, Pete was a cool dude with his suits, cane, and cigars, but Serch was the driving force of the group. Now it looks like a 3rd Bass reunion could come about 15 years late.
Christmas time, what do you enjoy the most? Family, presents, the decor, the memories? Nah, a bevy of Holiday Beers! SG has been enjoying Christmas brews since the days of Coors Winterfest. Now, anyone with a home brew kit is stuffing cranberries and wrapping paper into their batch and offering it up. Our favorite beer this season is most definitely Shiner Holiday Cheer from Spoetzl Brewery. A great blend of pecans, peaches, and caramel flavoring. Heat it up and serve it to Grandma with her gingerbread men.
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