Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vonn Thumbs Up

I get mines the fast way, the ski mask way...

Vail’s Finest, skier Lindsay Vonn, is tearing up the World Cup Ski circuit. Literally, as she swooshes down the mountainsides past snooty Euros and “wooooo” cheering ski bums.

She also tearing it up, as in her thumb ligaments. Not on a ski pole, a Wide World of Sportsesque crash, or snapping herself into her skis. Rather Vonn cracked her thumb open while opening some hooch in a post race celebration.

Clint Barmes carrying dear meat ups the stairs and Brian Griese falling down Terrell Davis’s driveway both think that is cool.

More importantly, Ms Vonn, we here at SG Land, noted connoisseurs of liquid goodness and Colorado sports, wish to extend the newly created position of Slushy Gutter Queen to you. Your propensity for all the Gutter exemplifies is impressive, and we would be honored if you accept. We’ve been in your shoes; I got a nasty gash on my lip trying to cut a hole out of a beer can with my teeth back in 95. Besides, you can’t let that drunk Bode Miller have all the fun.

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