Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lendale: Whip It Good

Denver native and Tennessee Titan running back Lendale White’s off-season regimen:

-Checking out old school Hip Hop shows looking for name plate belt buckle.
-Walk around every big Nuggets’ game like he owns the place, scarfing down “onion rings doused in ranch dressing.”
-Shopping the Stock Show for belt buckles.
-Eat. Rest. Repeat.
-Calling Chris Johnson’s cell phone and asking for “that Titan running back backup, bitch.”
-Attending wrestling matches looking for large belts.
-Counseling Vince Young.
-Watching videos of himself stomping the Terrible Towel.
-Hitting up local nutrition and weightlifting stores looking for belts.
-Belittling Jeff Fischer’s mustache to his crew.
-ARC and Goodwill Bric Brac sections: the great untapped belt resource.
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