Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Questions Oprah Winfrey might have asked Carmelo Anthony when he was on the show today as part of her Olympic Tribute:

-"My name is 'Harpo' spelled backwards? So I take it yours is 'Olem' spelled backwards?"

-"So you guys won a gold medal? That's your first one? Hmmm, I have so much money, when I shit, it's a gold medal."

-"I see you out there with your corn rows and tattoos. You must think you are pretty tough, eh, Olem? I bet Steadman would knock your stinkin block off."

-"You are from Baltimore? Do you like crab cakes? No? I thought everyone from Baltimore like crab cakes; you must be a Commie."

-"There was twelve of you on the Redeem team? So, you still don't have as many gold medals as Michael Phelps. Maybe I should tell Coach Karl that he should suit up versus the Lakers next year."

-"I was just in Denver for the DNC and alot of people were talking about a strong, they probably weren't talking about you."

-"Those were pretty snazzy outfits you guys wore in the Opening Ceremonies. Did it make you feel like Andre 3000?"

-"I saw you guys at alot of other Olpmpic events. Seriously, support for your fellow Americans? Or just looking for some young poon to tap?"

-"If Tom Cruise comes around again and jumps with his little dorky shoes on my couch again, you and Shawn Johnson can beat him to a pulp."

RELATED: Brand Nubian - "All For One" - "A landlord named Roper did a show at the Copa, When I finish with this, I'll be paid like Oprah"



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