Friday, January 25, 2008

Star Power

Sweet tongue, grand writer of scrolls,
Now behold, let the legend unfold...

An old hoops cliche is that a team needs two bonafide stars to have a special season. Check that
off for the Nuggets as they are sending both of the Corn Row Regulars- Melo and AI- to the All-Star Game next month. Not since the days of Alex English and Fat Lever has this happenned. And if you remember that, go throw on your nut hugger shorts knee high striped socks.

Given the time-tested NBA logic, the Powder Blue Patrol should be a shoo-in for at least the Conference Finals, right? By the looks of things, the Nugs will be once again facing the chance of a fifth consecutive 'one and done' scenario and be on the shores of Cabo after the first round.

Team play and consistency has dictated the play (especially in the West) over the past decade and the Nuggets are still struggling to find both. The team aspect is improving, after all AI has barely been in the fold for one year, as the team is still in the lead in the surprising Northwest Division. Throw in the myriad of injuries that have crept up, and the team concept is further muddied. Coach Karl also hasn't helped with his sometimes strange bench play, favoring a player for a bit, then yanking him for games on end (hello, JR Smith.)

It is the consistency aspect that has got to improve for this team and their All Star Duo to reach the "special" status. No near home losses to the Timberwolves, no horrendous quarters of play versus the Lakers, no nights when fould shots won't fall, no lack of hustle on the 2nd day of a back-to-back, no leaving $500 worth of tickets for some pompous colege freshman.

Time for the Nugs, four years into the Karl regime to look at eachother and their two leaders and decide if this is going to be something we'll remember for a nice run, or remember simply for a couple meaningless All-Star selections.



Anonymous Spotwood said...

As much as I love watching the Nuggets it's also the most frustrating thing going in Denver sports. I have no doubt that they have the best talent in the league by a wide margin, but most of them are brittle, and like a lot of NBA players today, lazy.

I really think the league would be a lot better off without these 'max' deals. Maybe the NBA should adopt non guaranteed deals like the NFL.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Mayo's knob shiner said...

f off

4:33 PM  
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