Friday, January 11, 2008

Stand Up for Shanny

Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick
I'm sweeter and thicker than a Chick O Stick…

PROPS and DROPS from Mike Shanahan’s year end presser:

DROPS: It must be early January, so that means Mike Shanahan is firing another Defensive Coordinator. Another one bit the dust this week as Jim Bates was shown the door, joining other sacked (pun intended) coordinators Greg Robinson, Ray Rhodes, and Larry Coyer over the past half decade.

We don’t need to rehash the complete train wreck that was the Donks’ D this year, but Shanny needs to look at the stability of his defensive side of the ball. Constant shuffling of coaches doesn’t help younger players develop and doesn’t give vets a sense that the boss is in control.

DROPS: Is it just me or does Shanny come off as a condescending ahole during his press conferences because he actually sits there while fielding questions. Like he’s grandpa rocking on the front porch or something? Stand the f*ck up Mike; nice to see you so relaxed while your team and legacy is crumbling around you.

PROPS: The fringe of fans and writers who had been grumbling that Pat Bowlen let the right man to lead the Donks in the future, Gary Kubiak, get away to Houston is growing. Count the SG as leaning that way. Kubes seems to be assembling a dynamic staff down there, including the seed of Shanny and Chris Simms’ boyfriend. Houston and the Donks seem to be on even ground right now, which do you think is going up?

DROPS: Al Wilson is available, being cleared by doctors to play. Outside of DJ Williams the linebacking crew was below average. What can it hurt to try to bring the heart and soul of defenses gone by back to Denver and see if he has anything left?

PROPS: Shanny stood up and took blame for the season, claiming he was should’ve been good enough for 10 wins. He addressed obvious needs such as a punt returner (what Glenn “Molasses” Martinez isn’t reminding anyone of Rick Upchurch?), the headache of Travis Henry (huge cap number, limited production) and his subpar drafts early in the decade (only one starter from a five year span.)



Blogger Travis said...

Off with his head!!!!!

2:16 PM  
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