Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ol, Dirty, and Stinkin

Now you know nothin- before you knew a whole fuckin lot
Your ass don't wanna get shot!
A lot of MCs came to my showdown
To watch me put your fuckin ass loooooow down

The SG honors the two-year passing of Ol’ Dirty Bastard by looking at the Top Ten moments/songs/misc from the life of Russell Jones:

1- “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”- Yes, it’s his biggest song and best video (what other MC has kicked it in his freakin boxer shorts.)

2- Escapes from rehab- Dirt McGirt escapes from his confines and eludes the cops for a month. He turns up at a Wu show, promotes their album, and is eventually arrested signing autographs in a McDonald’s parking lot. He must’ve loved their Filet O’ Fish.

3- Showtunes- During “Goin Down” from his first CD he breaks into “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” If you’re puffing herb and jamming this CD and hear this verse, you’ll be like “damn, I need to quit smoking this shit.”

4- “Hip Hop Drunkies”- The Alkaholiks and Big Baby Jesus? That’s Pat Robertson’s worst nightmare.

5- 33 years old and still on welfare- During an infamous MTV clip, Osirus rolls in a limo to the NY Welfare department to pick up his check.

6- “Show and Prove”- This track on Big Daddy Kane’s Daddy’s Home CD (1994) features a young MC named Jay-Z, the veteran BDK, Dirty, 13 year old Shyheim (who might be best known for his acting in TLC’s Waterfalls video,) dancer turned wack-rapper Scoob, and Sauce Money. Dirty has two classic lines: “Rain on your college ass disco dorm,” which I have no idea what the fuck it means; and the last line “Danger,” which becomes the sample for Blahzay Blahzay’s East Coat Anthem of the same name. But BDK comes off with his verse: "and steppin to me you think I can be touched, huh, not even Michael Jordan would gamble that much." Ouch.

7- The Grammy fiasco- During Shawn Colvin’s acceptance speech at the 97 Grammys ODB bum rushes the stage and steals the mic. Among other utterances, he claims “Wu-Tang is for the children!” Ah, yes, and Ice Cube is for the Mormons.

8- “Dog Shit”- From the 2nd Wu album, this is Dirty’s only solo track.

9- “Ghetto Supastar”- Remember that wack track from the equally wack movie, Bulworth? Rumor has it that super-rapper Pras and hottie Mya were to record that as a duet when a drunken ODB went into the wrong studio. They put him on the track, and a few months later he almost blew himself up on the VMA stage performing the song.

10- “Woo Hah(remix)”- Busta and ODB on the same track. Reportedly other screamers like Sam Kinnison and Gilbert Gottfried were also slotted to appear. A hot track.

HM- Brooklyn Zoo I & II, Pop Shots, Conditioner (w/Snoop, although it sounds like it was recorded in a dumpster,) Nuttin But Flavor (Funk Flex w/ Biz and Charlie Brown,)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang, I had forgot about the Funk Flex jam with those bruthas. Whatever happenned to C Brown? Did Busta eat him?

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hip Hop Drunkies was a fucking great song.I even bought the CD single in the days before computer piracy. Also worth making that list are Brooklyn Zoo and Snakes from the first album. Recognize from the second album is pretty great too.

2:00 PM  
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