Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 For Certain: Top CO Sports Moments

1- Buffs’ guard Askia Booker Euro-steps his way to a buzzer beating 3-pointer as CU snaps a decade-long losing streak to the Jayhawks.
2- The Broncos and Cowboys go at it in a Jerry World sized offensive shoot out that finally sees the Broncos prevail in a game for the ages 51-48.

3- The Buffs force a fumble and scoop it up for a game clinching touchdown in the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown for Mike McIntyre’s first CU win.
4- Tad Boyle and CU avenge a loss to Oregon State four days earlier in the Pac 12 tourney in Las Vegas, ultimately netting their second straight NCAA trip and a 10 seed. 

5- Andre Miller reverses the clock and goes to the hole for a winning shot in game one of the Nuggets opening playoff series following a 57 win season.

6- Eric Decker has four TDs as the Broncos pass a critical road test in Kansas City, beating the Chiefs 35-28 and assuming control of the AFC West.
7- The Buffs avenge Sabatino Chen’s game winning overturned shot in Tucson by routing the Wildcats on St Valentine’s Day in Boulder.

8- Peyton Manning tosses touchdown number 51 to Julius Thomas in Houston against the Texans to break the single season TD mark.

9- Peyton Manning throws seven TDs and put the banner controversy in the on the back pages and beat the Ravens 49-27 in the NFL season opener.
10- CU earns it only Pac 12 football win as the  Buffs’ offense and super stud WR Paul Richardson put it on the Cal Bears in Boulder 41-24.

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