Thursday, October 13, 2011

NBA: The 'A' is for 'Absent'

You got beef than holla,
My crew sticks together like Richy and Dollar...

It's looking more and more like we're not going to have an NBA season (which is bad news for all three of the SG readers. Less basketball means less to talk about in the winter "doldrum" months which means more rambling about beer or even less content. On second thought, that may be a good thing.)

With D Stern (I like calling him that, sounds like a early 90's conscious rap group. "Yo you check the knowledge Dstern was droppin on "Lessons of a Rebel"? Yo, homeboy goes after it!") cancelling the first two weeks of the season, it deprives me of the Melo visit to the Pepsi Center. Quite possibly that visit would've been the most reviled return in Denver sports history. Booing. Lots of booing. Maybe some Tiger-like hot dogs thrown on the floor. Lots of dudes with old "15" Nugget jersies covered with duct tape that read cheesy things like "traitor" or "Jello" or "Tebow." (I own three Carmelo jersies, so good chance I would be in the duct tape and Sharpie crowd. Probably would've went with "Mr. LaLa" on mine.) Hot ticket indeed.

In all it's probably a good thing for Melo, as the longer he stays away from Denver (at this point he might not return to our fair state until Spring 2013) the easier it will be for Denver fans to forget him and his act last year. Alas, there'll be knuckleheads like the SG to remind you to keep that duct tape handy.

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