Thursday, October 06, 2011

Orange You Glad

Follow me into a solo, get in the flow
and you can picture like a photo...

The Broncos announced after NFL approval that they will switch back to Orange for their home jersey. They SG weighs in:

-Will it be the orange of the old school Broncos that more resembled the curtain at your elementary school auditorium? Or the new sleek Reebok orange that is all shiny and Fast and Furious-like? Or will it match the fur of Alf?

-Tim Tebow's new jersey will be interspersed with the orange wing strands of a Monarch butterfly and fine silks blessed bythe rulers of a distant Far Eastern kingdom.

-Why not bring back some other older Denver traditions? Who remembers the Bronco nine-piece band that had a little cubby hole cut out in the northeast corner of the old South Stands? Those dudes could rock "Mack The Knife" like no other.

-Somewhere when the annoncement back to orange was made, Ricky Nattiel broke down and wept. He felt vindicated and loved.

-The team had to petition the NFL and they had to approve it (did Joe Ellis write on some loose leaf paper: 'Can we switch to orange? Check this box!' with a Crayola marker?) Such red tape for a simple move. The government would be proud.

-Somewhere in Colorado there's some dude with a tattoo that references Denver and "Blue Forever" who is pouring over laser removal ads.

-In all seriousness, if you are going to switch to orange, it's time to get rid of the 'Dragon Horse' logo too. Switch back to the old school 'D' but keep the navy blue helmet color. As Norm Peterson once said, "did I tell you I programmed myself to dream about your colors last night?"

-Good move to switch back, I mean four Super Bowl losses sure beat two Super Bowl wins.

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