Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Done in Donk Land

Observations from the McDaniels firing, the Studesville interim, and all the drama unfolding at Dove Valley:

-So John Elway and Pat Bowlen had dinner at Elway's Steakhouse the night after the firing 1- I wonder if Elway made Bowlen pay? 2- Over/Under on the Cougar Count on Mondays at Elway's?

-Eric Studesville's prior job: RB coach in Buffalo. Pedigree.

-Some coaches just have that presence and physical stature that screams "coach." Put Studesville and McD in a lineup and you pick Studesville as a coach and McD as a cell phone kiosk manager.

-Seriously, who is this Joe Ellis dude? I miss the old Pat Bowlen in his 1980's oversized shades and pinstripe suits, the pimped out fur coat, and bellowing "this one's for John" after the Super Bowl. (I'd like to see some rapper named 'John' take that sound bite and work it into a track. But DO NOT Autotune it or I will forever have visions of T-Pain handing #7 the Lombardi Trophy.)

-Bowlen was such the man back in the day that some dudes I knew in college named their bong "Pat Bowl"

-I'm guessing the 3/4 sleeve hoody sweatshirts won't be the hot Christmas gift this year.

- "Yes, Mr. Hawkins, we received your resume and Mr. Ellis has it now. Yes, I realize this ain't intramurals."

-There's got to be some Irish group somewhere that finds it naseuating that everything with Josh is tagged "Mc-something." We get it, "McDone, McFired, McDone." Expect protests outside the various media outlets. No car bombs please.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My only regret is that we didn't get to see a single press conference where McDaniels had to stand there and defend Tim Tebow as the starting QB for the Broncos. Would have liked to have sees that type of delusional floundering.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat- "this one's for John!"
Lil Jon- "Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

1:43 PM  
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