Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Broken

Takin' off my coat, clearin' my throat
The rhyme will be kickin' it until I hit my last note...

Spring Practice has just wrapped up phase one in Boulder, with the team off this week for spring break. I never understood the whole "split" practice thing in Boulder with half of Spring Ball before and the other after the week off. Yes, I'm sure the team is running sprints and working out, studying film, and doing shuttles during the break. For some reason, this split practice thing goes back to the Mac days.

A Young Commish was chilling on a beach his senior year in faraway South Padre Island, surrounded by sun, boobs, and plenty of beer. Lots of beer. It seemed a world away from Boulder. And yet, who was there at the same spot? About half of the Buffs' offensive line, the all-conference QB, and a few defensive players. They only routes they were studying were the curves on the coeds and the quickest way to the beer line. (Quick notes on that trip- South Padre at that time was a sh*thole, it probably took until June to get the vomit smell out of everything. One of the cooolest things ever there was a drive-thru barn that was converted to a liquor store. Load up the Suzuki Samurai without even getting out!)

Dedication. And this is when they were competing for National and Conference championships.

Think it has changed in 2010? These are college kids, one can't expect them to not want to have fun and not want to live life for a week like an MTV "True Life" episode. But they are still athletes, and a week of debauchery and off-time (regardless of it's on the beach or spent playing Wii for six days at an apartment) means more time spent reconditioning and re-instilling rather than checking out Cal's likely third down packages. When you're limited, every day, every hour, on the field counts.

The simple solution is to have the enitre Spring Practice after Spring Break, you know during Spring? (I like to imagine Coach Hawk chilling at a mid-80s type Spring Break with that ridiculous lotion on his nose and a inner tube around his waist, oogling at some feathered hair chick with day-glo glasses on.) Then again, nothing under the current regime in Boulder has been easy, and no one can expect them to make things simple.

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Anonymous boulder creek tailgater said...

I went to Padre in 1996. What a piece of crap. You are right - it smelled like garbage. The "hotels" were drab concrete slabs where ahole owners crammed as many college kids into and charged $$$. But it was DAMN fun.

3:11 PM  
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