Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr Quinn, Can We Call You Q?

My mind won't allow me to not be curious
My folk don't understand so they don't take it serious...

If you thought that Coach McHoodie and the Donks had a comprehensive, point-by-point, detailed off-season plan, somewhere along the lines of the almost HAL-like working of his mentor in New England, you might be wrong.

Bring in a revamped DL. Cut your most productive linebacker (who wasn't earning any money). Sign your restricted guys to tender sheets. Trade for a former first round QB. Rearrange the office furniture to achieve Feng Shu. Get rid of the tater tots in the cafeteria.

The most curious move has no doubt been the trade to bring in Brady Quinn, who met with the assembled Denver hacks yesterday. (Oh we weep at the end of the Chris Simms' era though.) The plan at QB seems to be that there is no plan. What seemed as a clear cut plan that McD was following- ride Orton for two years while bringing in a 2010 draft pick- has gone up in Quinn's muscle bound arms. But does that translate to McD suddenly going batty batty batty and abandoning that plan?

The results from the combine might've forced McD to bring in a top draft pick from 2007 (Quinn) rather than a guy this year. Sam Bradford and his injuries, Jimmy Clausen and his receding hairline, Tim Tebow masquerading as a QB in a H-Back's body (three-time SG Award Winner JL Smooth has always maninted H-Back translates to "white fullback"), and a bunch of mid-round guys (Dan LeFevour is intriguing though he might be a longer project) weren't going to make the Donks a player in the AFC. And if McD has learned one thing in Our Fair State, it's that Donk fans are growing very impatient.

He knows he needs to win and the best chance to do that is with Kyle Orton in the system and some pressure behind him from someone who's last name doesn't rhyme with Miss Rims. Perhaps he still feels with the right coaching (Cleveland isn't exactly known for developing players in to all-pro mold) that Quinn could also be a factor. Quinn has more physical tools than Tom Brady ever has, perhaps even in his poon-catching ability, and McD was able to do wonders with Brady. Maybe there is a method to McD's madness...or maybe he really has no clue.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

has Quinn ever been linked to any women? Just saying...maybe he likes the same line of scrimmage. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

I thought he was gay in college, though that may have been the handjob he was giving me at the time.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous orange st jean said...

I dont care if our QB is gay, bi, straight, boinks monkeys, rams splintery broomsticks in his rear, is celibate, or plays in his feces. He wins- I like him

3:44 PM  
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