Monday, March 19, 2012

Buff Respect

The Buffs wrapped up their post season run Saturday night with a loss to the 3rd seeded Baylor Bears. The SG was live in Albuquerque for the Thursday matchup with UNLV before taking in Saturday back in CO:

--The Buffs more then "hung" with Baylor through the first 30 minutes on Saturday, they were carrying play in many spurts. Although being worked on the boards, especially the offensive end, Andre Roberson and crew got theirs when needed. With 10 minutes left, CU had a real chance to really extend the lead and get the Bears to play from behind.

--But then Brady Heslip and crew decided not only to dominate inside, but from the arc as well. The Buffs 3point defense, which had been so stellar in the Pac 12 Championship versus Arizona and the UNLV game, suddenly went soft. Heslip and his three point monocle celebration warmed up to the point where the Buffs couldn't catch up. Someone get that dude a haircut and some defense.

--The consensus is the Buffs are in good hands for the future; with some potent scorers returning and a top 25 recuriting class coming. Askia Booker should transition well into the scoring void with Carlon Brown's graduation. The point will be well handled with Spencer Dinwiddie and his stache, and Roberson will get much needed help from Colorado Springers Josh Scott and Wesley Gordon. Jeremy Adams seems ready to contribute after health concerns and Roberson will get his. And the Buffs are still waiting on word from Peyton Manning.

--Baylor fans chanting "Big 12 Rejects" late in the game need just a little reminder of their pouting act of the Summer of 2010 during conference realignment. It was the Bears who were rejected by the Pac, and then basically pulled out every stop to keep the Big 12 together. It seems with a Heisman and two resurgent hoops programs that the Bears suddenly fancy themselves the Protestant Notre Dame. Just remember, Waco is more closer to the town from 'Footloose' before South Bend.

--One of the most impressive aspects of the tourney runs is the support from Buff Nation. The amount of Black And Gold and the noise made in ABQ caught the eyes and ears of many a national media type. Not to be overlooked is the work of the AD and the student C-Unit, who sand, chanted, and cheered all weekend in LA and ABQ. Alas, ABQ (gimme a break, try typing the whole town that many times) has plenty of brews to satisfy our Colorado thirst.

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